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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Vita
Sakura Aiba
Language(s) English
Release date June 23rd, 2022

Aiba is a ghost by Vita, of the character from AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES. She features a lot of information about characters from the games, as well as information about various terms. She also has multiple productivity features, including a sleep reminder and pomodoro timer.

She will sometimes have conversations with Date, who will appear as a small icon beside her, and has his own balloon that moves with her when she is dragged around.


  • Productivity functions
    • Sleep reminder
    • Custom reminder
    • Work timer
    • Google something
  • Personnel files, information about characters from AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES
  • Key terms, a glossary of terms from AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES



The sleep time reminder can be used to tell the user when to go to bed, and includes a calculator for when the user should go to sleep based on when they want to wake up and how long they want to sleep for.

The general reminders can be set to remind the user of anything they want, at any date and time. They can be one time reminders, or be set to repeat daily, weekly, or every 30 days.

Work Timer

Aiba can run a timer for the user, based on the Pomodoro Technique. Default options are 25 minutes working/5 minutes rest/20 minutes long rest, 50 minutes working/10 minutes rest/40 minutes long rest, and 100 minutes working/20 minutes rest/80 minutes long rest. The user may also input up to two custom preset times.

There are some additional settings, including Continuous Mode, where Aiba will run the sessions continuously without requiring user interaction, an option to start a long session where Aiba will let the user choose a number of sessions to run back to back, and an option for a custom one-off session. Hovering over some of these options will give more info in a tooltip.

For any session, the user may type in a goal, which will be displayed in Aiba's main menu while the session is in progress.


Aiba comes with the balloon AI:TSF Balloon, a simple balloon based on the dialogue boxes from AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES.