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Type Ghost
Developer(s) naasalving, Ecclysium (GrayArea)
Origin Undertale (OC)
Sakura Zaiga
Language(s) English
Release date April 25th, 20201)

Zaiga is a ghost by naasalving and Ecclysium (GrayArea), for Ghost Jam 2020. She is an undertale OC who is not immediately open to the user, and must be treated well if the user wants to learn more about her.

The user may interact with various ways, some of which will make her like the user, and some of which will make her dislike them.


  • Menu interactions, including actions, giving items, and questions to ask
  • Multiple petable hotspots, though she will not always respond favorably
  • Multiple idle animations, including a constant background animation


Zaiga uses the balloon Galactic Goop, a balloon with vivid colors and goopy edges.

This ghost was released privately in the Ukagaka Dream Team Discord server before its public release. The first public release was on April 16th, 2021.