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sans (gr33nbeen)

sans (gr33nbeen)
Type Ghost
Developer(s) gr33nbeen
Origin Undertale
Sakura sans
Language(s) English
Release date December 13th, 2015

This article is about the original sans ghost created by gr33nbeen. For other ghosts of Sans, including modified versions of this ghost, see sans (Disambiguation).

sans is a ghost by gr33nbeen, of Sans from Undertale. It is notable for being the very first ghost completed using the GT Ghost Template, and for having several spin-off versions by other developers.

sans will tell the user jokes and puns as he idles on their desktop, or the user can ask him to tell them a knock knock joke from his menu. He will also sometimes give SSP usage tips as a part of his dialogues.


  • Sans will tell the user various SSP usage tips, including how to fast forward text and how to open his menu
  • The user can ask Sans to tell them knock knock jokes
  • Double clicking Sans's face will boop him rather than hitting him
  • Will sometimes play a whoopee cushion sound effect alongside one of his dialogues


sans comes bundled with a modified version of Z - Simple. The balloon does not have its own name and is still titled “Z - Simple”, though its folder is called “undertale”. The kero balloon is unmodified from Z - Simple, but the sakura balloon is a plain white balloon with red undertale hearts for choice markers.

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