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First Child Template

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First Child Template
Type Ghost
Developer(s) KFC
Origin Game Kids
Sakura Shadow Child
Language(s) English
Release date November 11th, 2022

First Child Template is a template ghost by KFC, which incorporates different “modes”. The user may choose between different characters to display at any time, and this will affect their appearance, as well as what dialogues they say/their responses to certain actions.

3 modes are available in the template, “First Child”, “Vektoria”, and “Vektor”. These are based off of characters from KFC's book series, Game Kids.


  • 3 modes to switch between
  • Several functions, including emptying the recycle bin, displaying system info, and changing the user's wallpaper
  • Dialogue for many of SSP's miscellaneous functions, including checking emails, RSS feeds, network updates, making nar files, and more
  • Comments about other ghosts when they open, close, or change, while this ghost is also open
  • Dialogues based on the time of day when booting/closing
  • If two copies of the First Child Template are open, they may have conversations with each other, which will change depending on which mode each template is in
  • Customizable user pronouns

Sakura menu

  • Repeat Last Dialogue - Repeats the last random dialogue
  • Call Random Dialogue - Makes the ghost say a random idle dialogue
  • Talk to another ghost - Makes the ghost greet a random ghost on the user's desktop, if any are open
  • Config Menu - Opens the config menu (described below)
  • Functions - Opens the function menu (described below)
  • Nevermind - Closes the menu

Config menu

  • Your name - The name the ghost will refer to the user by
  • Your pronouns - The user can choose between he/him, she/her, they/them, or set custom values, and the developer can use %(they), %(them), %(their), and %(theirs) to call the appropriate pronouns in dialogue
  • Your birthday - The user can set a date for their birthday, and the ghost will have a special message when booted on that date
  • Talk Rate - How often the ghost should say idle dialogue
  • Enable Uninstall? - Whether the uninstall option in the right click menu should be available to click or not


  • Open Calendar - Opens SSP's built in calendar
  • Check Email - Starts an email check for all of the user's added accounts
  • Open SSP Preferences - Opens the SSP preferences window
  • Empty Recycle Bin - Uses the gomi.dll SAORI to empty the user's recycle bin
  • System Information - Uses the saori_cpuid.dll SAORI to gather information about the user's system and display it


The main feature of this template is the mode system. It is present for every place that the template has dialogue, and splits it into 3 distinct modes, each represented by a different character.

Developers may make use of this as a learning tool for how to create ghosts with different modes, or to fill in and expand upon to create their own ghost with modes.

The mode is chosen by the user as a part of the firstboot sequence, and then can be changed at any time from the main menu.

Mouse interactions

  • Hovering the mouse back and forth over the top of the ghost's head will 'pet' them
  • Hovering the mouse back and forth over the faces of the characters will touch their faces
  • Double clicking on the ghost's face will poke the ghost
  • Double clicking on the ghost's head, the same place where they can be pet, will pat/smack their head


The First Child Template comes with a few pre-defined hotkeys.

  • F1 will open the ghost's readme.txt
  • T will make the ghost say a random dialogue
  • R will make the ghost repeat its last random dialogue