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Type Ghost
Developer(s) SmokyCinnamonroll
Origin Original character
Language(s) Русский
Sakura Микола
Release date April 24th, 2021

Микола (Mikola) is a ghost made by SmokyCinnamonroll for Ghost Jam 2021. They are a janitor with a unique mechanic where dirty objects will appear, and the user must clean them by rubbing them with the mouse.


  • Random dirty items will appear, and the user must stroke them with the mouse to clean them
  • Right click menu is in Russian regardless of the language setting of SSP

Cleaning Items

Dirty items will appear at random times, and Микола can react to them in various ways, such as if they overlap the item.

The user may stroke dirty items with the mouse, and slowly clean them. The items will visibly become cleaner as the user strokes. Микола will praise the user for completely cleaning an item.

The user may double click an item to bring up a small menu, within which they can choose to dismiss the item.

If the user drags and drops a file or folder onto the ghost that is not recognized as an image file, music file, or .dic file, the user will have the option to clean it, thus allowing a way to manually summon dirty items to clean.


Микола makes use of the Heart 0 - Hope balloon from the Soul_Balloon_Pack.