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Плохой Русский Образец

Плохой Русский Образец
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Смоукы
Origin Original characters
Sakura Лина
Kero Жора
Language(s) Русский1)
Release date March 28th, 2022

Плохой Русский Образец (“bad russian template”) is a template ghost by SmokyCinnamonroll. It is written in Russian, and has a heavy focus on multiple different modes and extremely condensed code.

It is written in YAYA, and features two characters by default.


  • Written in Russian
  • Has two characters
  • Additional modes built in
    • Creepymode, which has a 25% chance of occuring each time the ghost boots
    • “hell” placeholder mode, which activates after the ghost has been running for 475 days
  • Bug report menu, with information that can be sent to the developer
  • Customizable pronouns

Sakura menu

The contents of the menu will change based on what mode the ghost is in. In the normal mode, the following options are available for the Sakura character:

  • скажи это опять я тебя смею - Makes the ghost repeat the last idle dialogue that was said
  • эй… мне нужно. настройки. - Opens the settings menu
  • зачем ты же так - Opens the bug report menu
  • что-то. изменилось. что и как - Opens the changelog in the user's default text editor
  • пока лол - Closes the menu

The menu will also display the ghost's version, “stage”, and runtime at the bottom. Stage refers to different stages of progression through the ghost's storyline/etc.

Settings menu

The settings menu contains options the user can use to tell the ghost about themself, as well as adjust settings about how the ghost behaves. Whether the ghost makes use of the user's details depends entirely on the ghost in question.

  • Твоя имя - The user's name
  • Твои местоимение - The user's pronouns
  • Твой день рожедния - The user's birthday2)
  • Твоё полушарие - Toggles the user's hemisphere between Северном3) and Южном4)
  • Уведомление Часов - Toggles top of the hour notifications on or off
  • Вмеря Разговор - The rate at which the ghost should say idle dialogues
  • Авто-обновление - Whether the ghost should automatically check for updates or not
  • Удаление - Whether the option to uninstall in the SSP menu is available or not

Bug report menu

This menu will list various information that may be useful in tracking down bugs. The following information is included:

  • The date and time the ghost was installed
  • The current version of the ghost
  • Which version of the ghost was originally installed
  • How long the ghost has been open for
  • A link to where bugs may be reported to the ghost dev

Kero menu

The kero's menu has only a single option in the default mode, “есть какие-нибудь тайни”, which leads to a question menu where the user may ask the ghost questions.

Question menu

The question menu does not have any questions filled in, and is left for developers to fill in the questions themselves. The only options available are as follows:

  • верни мне в меню - Goes back to the main kero menu
  • ты скучный человек - Closes the menu

Mouse interactions

  • Hovering the mouse cursor back and forth over the characters' heads will pet them
    • After 4 consecutive pets, they will enter continuous petting mode, which has different dialogues. A “high score” will be tracked for the user, and they will be informed if they have made a new high score when their cursor leaves the hitbox
  • Double clicking the faces of the characters will hit them


  • T will make the characters say an idle dialogue
  • R will make the characters repeat the last idle dialogue
  • F1 will open the ghost's readme
  • F2 will run a test function, if the variable debug is set to 1

Alternate modes

The template comes with a number of alternate modes. These modes change what dialogues are available, including for menus, idle dialogue, and more.


Upon booting, there is a 25% chance by default that the ghost will boot in “creepymode”. Files relating to this mode are kept in a separate folder in the ghost's files, called “creepymode”.

"hell" placeholder mode

This mode is activated upon booting, if the ghost has been run for a minimum of 475 days. Files relating to this mode have “extra” appended after their name, and are stored alongside the default files.


Stages can be used to have stages of progression, ie. through a storyline, friendship levels with the ghost, etc. Files relating to this are stored in the “stage” folder, with separate subfolders for each stage.

A few scattered lines in English
Nonfunctional due to a bug