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Among Us

Among Us
Type Ghost
Developer(s) ScardyFluff, Levidre, Chrys/Echo
Origin Among Us
Language(s) English
Sakura Crewmate
Release date April 24th, 2021

Among Us is a ghost by ScardyFluff, Levidre, and Chrys/Echo. It features a crewmate from Among Us, which can have a variety of different colors via shells. All bundled shells have a selection of dressup items available.

The crewmate can be interacted with, and given items. If pressed enough, they may reveal a secret.


  • Multiple shells for different colors of crewmate.
    • Each shell has a selection of dressup items.
    • An option to choose the shell at random upon startup.
  • The user can ask questions about the crewmate and their game.
  • The user can give the crewmate items.
  • The user can perform some actions, including flattering, insulting, or accusing the crewmate.

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Among Us comes bundled with a balloon also called Among Us. It is designed to look like the tablet used by players in Among Us. The sakura balloon matches the kero balloon exactly, and there are two sizes.


Name Description
Red The default shell. The crewmate in a red outfit.
Black The crewmate in a black outfit.
Blue The crewmate in a blue outfit.
Brown The crewmate in a brown outfit.
Cyan The crewmate in a cyan outfit.
Fortegreen The crewmate in a green outfit, with a more blueish cast than the normal green outfit. The name refers to an unobtainable color in Among Us.
Green The crewmate in a green outfit.
Lime The crewmate in a lime outfit.
Orange The crewmate in an orange outfit.
Pink The crewmate in a pink outfit.
Purple The crewmate in a purple outfit.
Tan The crewmate in a tan outfit.
White The crewmate in a white outfit.
Yellow The crewmate in a yellow outfit.