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Type Ghost
Developer(s) idk
Origin Bugsnax
Sakura Bugsnax / Varies depending on the shell used
Language(s) English
Release date February 24th, 2023

Bugsnax is a ghost by idk, featuring characters from the adventure game Bugsnax.


  • Can “walk” along the user's desktop
  • Simple relationship system
  • Multiple shells with unique dialogue
  • Sauce inventory system

Relationship System

Bugsnax has a simple relationship system, affecting idle dialogue and petting responses. The user can raise friendship by having the ghost open and giving it specific sauces. The only way it can be lowered is by punching the ghost.

Spoilers for ghost:

Different shells affect the reactions the ghost has at different levels.


When active, sauces will appear randomly on the user's desktop. The user will need to double-click them to collect them. Collected sauces can be given to the ghost through a special menu. Different sauces can have different effects on the user's relationship with the ghost, depending on the sauce given and the current shell.