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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Dusk
Origin OFF
Language(s) English
Sakura Elsen
Release date October 20th, 2020

Elsen is an Ukagaka made by DJ-Dusk, of an elsen from the 2008 RPG OFF. The ghost revolves around managing the elsen's stress and sugar levels, to prevent him from becoming burnt.


  • Stress and sugar management system
  • Minigames
  • Shop system
  • Ask the elsen about various things from OFF
  • The elsen may notice and comment on certain programs the user has open on their computer
  • If overlapping Obsidian from Dusty and Obsidian, he will pick Obsidian up and hold her for a while

Stress management

The user must care for the elsen and keep his stress levels low, and his sugar levels from dropping too far.

The elsen may be given items from the shop to lower his stress level. His stress may also be raised by certain actions, such as booping his face.

The elsen's sugar will go down steadily, and the user must buy him sugar from the shop to replenish it.

Failing to manage the elsen's stats will cause him to become burnt. This cannot be undone with resetting or reinstalling the ghost. The elsen will have a different appearance based on whether he became burnt from high stress or low sugar.

Earning credits

The user can earn credits by playing minigames, keeping the elsen open for long enough, or through luck while performing other actions.

The user cannot earn credits while in pause mode.

Pause mode

If the user desires, they may put the elsen in pause mode at any time. This halts the stress and sugar management system, and makes elsen behave as a passive ghost.

This may be used as a temporary measure to prevent the elsen from becoming burnt while the user is busy or away, or if the user would like to skip that part of the ghost altogether.


  • Quiz
    • The user will be quizzed on topics relating to OFF, and can earn credits by answering correctly. Answering incorrectly will make them lose credits.
  • Balloon Game
    • The user is presented with a grid of balloons. The user and the elsen each take turns popping different numbers of balloons, with the goal of not being the one stuck with a single balloon left.

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Elsen comes with the Off Text (Elsen) balloon, which is an edit of Erin's OFF Text (Zacharie and the Judge) balloon.