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Ghost Guides

Ghost Guides
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Zichqec
Origin Original Character
Sakura YAYA Guide
Language(s) English
Release date December 24th, 2022

Ghost Guides is a ghost by Zichqec, made to go along with the YAYA Fundamentals guide. It is a barebones ghost, with its primary focus being the ability to run example code from the YAYA Fundamentals guide, as well as allowing the user to edit the example code within.

As indicated by the placeholder shell, the ghost is in an unfinished state, though it is functional. It has no random dialogue at all.


  • Can run example code from the YAYA Fundamentals guide
    • This can be done either by clicking the links in the guide text, or by running the code through the ghost's menu
  • Example code is split up into folders, with one dic file per lesson, for the user to edit and try new things
  • If there is an error in the example code files, the ghost will continue to function, and will display the error log to the user

Running example code

Ghost Guides uses of x-ukagaka-link in order to run example code. When clicking on the appropriate links in the YAYA Fundamentals guide, the name of the event to run will be sent to the ghost, and it will run the code in its files for the user so that they can see the output.

The ghost also has a menu for running the example code without the links, in case the links won't work for the user. The menu divides the example code into submenus by module, and then again by lesson. Modules and lessons with no runnable code will be grayed out in the menu.

When the example code is run, the output will be displayed in the top of the balloon, and an additional menu will be displayed below. This menu allows the user to quickly run the code again, go back to the menu, or dismiss the window. For a couple specific lessons, it also gives the option to run the code again with and without certain additional reference information. This menu may be toggled off in the configuration, or it may be set to only appear under certain circumstances.

Editable files

All of the example code for the guide lessons is stored in a separate folder, called yaya_lessons. This folder is then further divided into subfolders for each module of the guide, with each lesson having its own dic file. The user is welcomed to edit these files and play with the code inside, to learn hands-on. Duplicates of each example code are provided in comments, so that if the user should ever cause an error and not know how to undo it, they can simply copy the original code back in.

Error handling

When there is an error in the lesson files, the ghost will load itself without them. This renders the ghost unable to run lesson code until the error is resolved, but also allows it to display the list of current errors, and provide debugging resources. The ghost will display the first error in the list without prompting, but will provide the full error list if asked.

Attempting to run example code via x-ukagaka-link while in this mode will bring up a notice that example code can't be run until the current errors are resolved.


Ghost Guides makes use of the Notes balloon, a balloon also by Zichqec but not made for this ghost specifically.