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Ghost Jam Temmie

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Ghost Jam Temmie
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Excel Lynt, Levidre, Quonit, Zarla
Origin Undertale
Language(s) English
Sakura Temmie
Release date April 26th, 2020

Temmie was a joint ghost project for Ghost Jam 2020, with Excel Lynt doing the movement coding, Levidre doing the village/SAORI coding, Quonit making the shell, and Zarla doing the dialogue. She has been updated several times with new content since her release. She focuses mainly on silly dialogue, although she has several unique functions and a handful of unlockable things.


  • Will bat at the user's mouse if it comes near her.
  • Special movement mechanics, which can be toggled in her configuration menu.
    • She can wander around the user's desktop.
    • She can climb the side of the user's screen.
    • If picked up and dropped, she is affected by gravity and will fall to the bottom of the screen.
  • Unlockable Temmie Village mode, where several different Temmies all appear and the user can buy Temmie Flakes and other items.
    • The user can earn G to buy items by playing a hangman minigame, or by collecting coins that appear randomly on the screen from time to time.
  • Changelog and automatic checks for updates when opened.
  • A lot of inter-ghost dialogue with Dr. W.D. Gaster.


The user can play a game of hangman with Temmie by clicking the Play a GAEM option in her menu. She will pick a word or phrase, and the user must guess one letter at a time until they have either revealed the whole word, or have run out of guesses.

The user may also guess the entire word at once, but if they don't guess it correctly, they will lose immediately.

Because Temmie uses words and phrases with incorrect spelling, the user is given 26 guesses before they will lose the game. This may seem like enough to cover all possible words, using the 26 letters in the English alphabet; however, sometimes Temmie uses symbols, such as . and !, so it is still possible for the user to lose.

If the user wins the game, they will earn 20G for a normal win, and 30G if they guessed the whole word at once.

Temmie Village

If the user has never seen the Temmie Village, Temmie will have a random chance to summon it each time she talks. She will summon 8 other temmies, which may be interacted with.

The user has the option to talk to each temmie, check them, and feed them flakes. Though, the results of this will vary per-temmie.

Once the village has been unlocked once, the user will be able to summon and dismiss it at will from Temmie's menu.1) Temmie will still call it on her own sometimes, though the user can turn this off in the configuration menu.

Temmie Shop

If the user has G saved up, they can buy some items from the shop temmie2) by clicking on the Shop things option in her menu. Items available are as follows:

  • 3G - tem flake
  • 1G - tem flake (ON SALE,)
  • 20G - tem flave (expensiv)
  • 1000G - tem pay 4 colleg3)
  • 9999G - temy ARMOR!!!4)

The three tem flake options are exactly the same, except for their price. Buying the “tem pay 4 colleg” option will make the “temy ARMOR!!!” option available. Buying the “temy ARMOR!!!” will make an extra line of dialogue appear when the user checks their items.


Temmie makes use of the Z - Undertale balloon, by Zarla.

Note that this must be the main Temmie's menu, and not one of the village temmies.
the one in the yellow-and-blue striped shirt
Only available if the user has not chosen this option before
Only available if the user has bought the previous option