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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Ichiphile
Origin Osomatsu
Language(s) English
Sakura Ichimatsu
Release date April 4th, 2017
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Ichimatsu is a ghost by Ichiphile, and is based on the Osomatsu franchise. He is a tired character with highly variable dialogues, several small functions, and many hidden easter eggs.


  • Customizable alarm
  • Shortcut for opening his folder
  • Shortcut for opening the user's mailer application
  • Many easter eggs available with certain phrases in the input box
    • Any of his brothers may be summoned this way, and will have their own dialogues
  • The user can give him a selection of items
  • Cat facts
  • The user's fortune
  • Coin flip and magic 8 ball
  • Encouragement for the user if they're feeling down
  • Petting him more 9 or more times will cause him to temporarily gain cat ears and a tail
  • The user can tell any of the brothers that they love them


The user may set an alarm for a custom time. Ichimatsu will open a time input box, which the user can use to pick a time. The number of seconds entered is ignored.

The alarm must be set to ON in order to ring. This is shown in the menu as +ON, rather than -ON.

The user may choose between an alarm that sounds only once, and an alarm that sounds daily. If the alarm is set to Once, it will automatically set the alarm to OFF when the alarm is dismissed.

The user may also choose between alerts in the ghost's balloon, and alerts via the tray balloon.

Input Box

The user may open the input box by clicking “Let's talk to each other.”, and then “I want to say something.” There are many unique dialogues that may only be seen by inputting the right phrases into the input box. The user is encouraged to leave out punctuation and only write in lowercase.

Some phrases have some additional effects. For example, telling Ichimatsu “nya”, “meow”, or “mew” will raise his affection stat slightly, while saying “go away”, “leave”, “get out”, or “leave me alone” will decrease his affection stat and make him close himself.

Each of Ichimatsu's brothers may be summoned by writing “summon ” plus the brother's name in the input box. So “summon osomatsu” will summon Osomatsu, and “summon karamatsu” will summon Karamatsu. Note that only one brother may be summoned at a time; if the user wishes to summon another, they must dismiss the currently summoned one.


When the brothers are summoned, they will sometimes have random conversations with Ichimatsu. Each of them also has their own menu, where the user may prompt them to say something, express their love for the character, or dismiss them.

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Ichimatsu uses a balloon called Z - Simple [Edit], which can be obtained in the version of Ichimatsu that comes bundled with an installation of SSP. It is an edit of the Z - Simple balloon, giving Ichimatsu plain white balloons with black borders.

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