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Type Ghost
Developer(s) DragonPanther888
Origin Original character
Language(s) English
Sakura Kade
Release date April 24th, 2021

Kade is a ghost made by DragonPanther888, for Ghost Jam 2021. They are a skeletal character that likes to hum. They may be pet by the user, but will be upset by this action unless the user has gotten permission from them first.


  • 4 options for nicknames, and an option to turn them off
  • In order to pet them properly, the user must ask first and be given permission
  • When asked what their birthday is, Kade will notice and comment if the user's birthday is the same as theirs


The user may stroke Kade's hat, head, hands, or face at any time. However, Kade will not be pleased with these actions.

The user may ask Kade for permission to pet them. Kade may refuse, or may allow it, at random. If Kade gives permission, they will remove their hat the user will be able to pet them a random number of times. After a while, Kade will say they've had enough and put their hat back on. If the user wishes to pet them further, they must seek permission again.

Kade will never approve the user to touch their hat, and will always ask them not to. They will also comment and frown if the user pets their face or hands, but will not ask for them to stop.