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Princess Aine

Princess Aine
Type Ghost
Developer(s) KKMcShouty
Origin Original character
Language(s) English
Sakura Princess Aine
Release date April 25th, 2020

Princess Aine is a ghost made by KKMcShouty, for Ghost Jam 2020. She is a princess from a distant land, seeking the user's help in averting a disaster back home.

She will ask the user if they are willing to answer questions now and then1), but express that observing them and their culture is plenty helpful on its own.


  • The user is able to ask Princess Aine about her homeland and the races that inhabit it
    • Questions must be unlocked by clicking anchor words in Aine's random dialogue
  • She will sometimes have an idle animation where she will sway slightly, as though there is a breeze


Princess Aine comes with the Aine Balloon, a blue balloon that is lightly textured.

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