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S the Skeleton

This page contains sensitive content. Please check the content warning at the top of the article and proceed with caution.

S the Skeleton
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Zichqec
Origin Undertale (OC)
Sakura (Spoiler)
Language(s) English
Release date May 1st, 2020

Content warning: Mentions of abuse, explores topics of grief and loss.

S the Skeleton is a friendly skeleton haunted by a dark past. His ghost focuses on having a large amount of random dialogue, especially dynamic dialogue that changes based on certain conditions1), as well as many unlockable dialogues in his menu. He has received several updates since his initial release in 2020.

Though initially skeptical of being on the user's computer, he has a simple relationship system and will grow to appreciate their company over time. The hitbox for petting him without hurting him is small, because of the damage to his skull, so the user must take care when attempting this. How he reacts to a successful pet depends on how much he likes the user.


  • Extensive unlockable options in his menu, including a menu for asking about each of his family members, a menu for asking about various other timelines, and more
  • A “daily dialogue” system, with a unique line of dialogue for every day of the year. These dialogues are often comments about the goings on back in his own world
  • 53 different pools of dialogue for muttering to himself; one for every week of the year
  • If the user has the Weather Station plugin installed, he can check the weather, and will have different dialogues available based on the weather conditions
  • A secret mode that can be unlocked if certain conditions are true
  • He can hold Obsidian if Dusty and Obsidian are open and Obsidian overlaps with him
  • Comes with 4 different shells by default, each one giving him new lines of dialogue
    • He will notice if he is wearing a seasonal outfit that does not match the current season, and complain about it
  • He will react if overlapping with Needle
  • He may randomly notice Hydrate if the user has it often, and has special comments for some shells
  • S may get dizzy if the user moves him around too often or changes his size frequently


Positive Route

By default, S will start out a bit wary of the user, but relax over time and accept them as a friend. The user can take several actions to increase their friendship with him, including:

  • Asking him questions.
  • Giving him items.
    • Water in particular will give an extra boost.
  • Once his friendship is high enough, petting will give a small boost.

There are 4 distinct stages of friendship, with more actions and dialogues unlocking for each one. Dialogues within the menu will also change depending on friendship level, generally becoming longer and more descriptive.

Even once the user has reached the final friendship stage, there are a few particular things that will not unlock until the user has reached an even higher level of friendship, or filled certain requirements.

This section contains spoilers for unlockable content.

Negative Routes

Punching S at any point will irreversibly put the user onto a negative route. Which negative route they are on depends on if they have confronted him about his LV.

Angry Route

If the user has not confronted him about his LV, S will consider the user's actions to be baseless and cruel, and will resent them. Much of the menu will be closed off, and there will be very little random dialogue available. The user's possible actions will be replaced with unkind ones.

There are two stages in this route. If the user has punched him more than 30 times, some of his dialogues will change, generally becoming more closed off.

The user will have the option to reset in the menu and start over. They can also progress to the other negative route at any time.

Sad Route

If the user has confronted him about his LV, S will consider the user's actions to be justice, and will close himself off, becoming sad and accepting of the abuse. Very little random dialogue is available in this mode, and much of the menu becomes locked off. The user's possible actions are the same as the other negative route, but after the user has punched him more than 30 times, they will get an option to break his will.

After the user breaks his will, he will become much more closed off, saying almost nothing to the user. The only possible progression after this point is to reset him.

Alternate Modes


If the user's friendship is high enough, S may fall asleep randomly. He is more likely to fall asleep in the afternoon, late at night, or if the user has been petting him recently. He is less likely to fall asleep if it is early in the morning.

While asleep, he will briefly wake if the user uses the functions in the right click menu, but will fall back asleep once the function is complete.

He has 5 possible stages of dreams, ranging from nightmares to sweet dreams. Some of his dream dialogue includes chains, and some of the nightmare chains will wake him when they conclude.

The user can pet him to increase what stage of dream he is at, to make the nightmares go away. This will also break him out of any nightmare chains he might be in. The dream stage will be picked randomly at the top of every hour, so this may need to be done multiple times.

S can be woken at any time by attempting to open his menu, and choosing the option to wake him up.

Holding Obsidian

When Obsidian is dragged onto him, S will pick her up and hold her. This will cause his random dialogue to change to conversations with Dusty and comments about Obsidian, and cause his menu to be inaccessible until Obsidian chooses to jump down or the user prompts her to jump down by attempting to open S's menu enough times.2)

Obsidian can be pet while in S's arms, and will meow at the user.

Secret Mode

Click to reveal spoiler content.


Safe Areas

S's hitboxes for petting

S may be pet by stroking the mouse cursor over certain spots on his head. He may also be pet by scrolling the mousewheel in these same spots, since his hitbox for successful petting is very small.

Because S's head is damaged, the user must take great care in petting him. Petting him over the cracks on his head will hurt him, and he will complain about this to the user.

The user may use the mouse wheel to pet him instead, if the hitbox is too small for normal stroking, or they may put him in his Autumn Flannel shell, turn on the Green Beanie dressup, and pet his hat instead. This offers a safe alternative where he cannot be hurt unless the user deliberately strokes his cheekbones.


S will not be accepting of pets when he first meets the user. The user will have to increase their friendship with him before he starts to allow it.

At middling stages of friendship, S will allow the user to pet him up to 5 times before asking them to stop. This resets each hour.

At maximum friendship, S will allow the user to pet him at any time, for as long as they want.

Continuous Petting

If the user pets S multiple times in a row, without letting their cursor exit the petting hitbox, he will notice and the dialogue will change appropriately, starting at 4 pets in a row.

Once the user has entered this mode, they are eligible to be given a high score as soon as their cursor leaves his hitbox and therefore ends the continuous pet streak. The high score is based on how the code measures when a pet has been given; every 40 points is 1 successful pet.

The user may try for a new high score any time they pet him, and will be notified if they have reached a high score when their mouse leaves the hitbox. The user may also check their current high score at any time by using the “Check” option in S's “Do Something” menu.


S is bundled with a unique balloon called Purple Soul. This balloon is a modified version of the purple and blue balloons from the Soul Balloon Pack. It includes an extra balloon size where there are two separate windows, one for displaying images and the other for displaying text. This is used to display information in the timeline menu.

Click to reveal balloon images.


Name Description
Secret Mode Red Hoodie The default shell. S in his signature red hoodie.
Secret Mode Pink Apron Similar to the red hoodie shell, but with a pink apron added.
Secret Mode Autumn Flannel A seasonal shell, with S in a plaid shirt and gray jeans. Comes with an optional green beanie dressup.
Secret Mode Summer Swimsuit A seasonal shell, with S in a white wetsuit, and a sleeveless hoodie and swim trunks on top.
Month, time of day, weather, etc
Obsidian has a 50% chance to jump down each time the user attempts to open the menu.