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Snake and Otacon

This page contains sensitive content. Please check the content warning at the top of the article and proceed with caution.

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Snake and Otacon
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Okuajub
Origin Metal Gear Solid
Language(s) English
Sakura Snake
Kero Otacon
Release date May 23rd, 2021

Content warning: ghost contains references to canon typical violence, profanity and sexuality; Childhood sexual assault, repeated sexual abuse, death, and neglect.

Spoiler warning: ghost contains spoilers for Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2, Metal Gear Solid 1, Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 4.

Snake and Otacon is a ghost by Okuajub, of those characters from Metal Gear Solid. The two have several functions to help new users learn to use SSP, including a beginner mode, and several ghost-related questions that the user can ask Otacon.

They also feature a relationship system, where the user can earn their trust over time for some additional information and interactions, or hurt them and cause them to dislike the user.


  • Beginner mode, for users new to SSP/Ukagaka
    • Otacon will give usage tips in dialogue sometimes
    • The user will be unable to punch the ghost
    • Some negative buffs are removed or lessened
  • The user can ask Otacon for ghost usage tips in his menu, and he can tell them about a variety of topics
  • Relationship system, where some of their dialogues and interactions will change based on how well the user treats them
  • Both characters can be interacted with through their menus, such as giving them items or asking questions
  • Both characters have unlockable idle tasks
  • Multiple minigames the user can play with Otacon
  • The user can ask Snake various things about his past, and how much he reveals depends on how friendly he is with the user
  • Various items can be unlocked by the user and displayed on their desktop


Otacon has 3 different minigames that the user can play.

  • Rock Paper Scissors
    • The user and Otacon must both pick either Rock, Paper, or Scissors, and then compare what they picked. Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock
  • Suit Speculation
    • Otacon draws a card, and the user must guess if it will be Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, or Spades
  • Higher or Lower?
    • Otacon draws a card from the deck, and the user must guess whether the card drawn will have a higher value or a lower value

Desktop Items

The user can unlock items which can be displayed on the desktop. By doing activities within the ghost, they will be added to Otacon's item menu.

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The two have some additional hotkeys, which the user can use to cheat their relationship system.

  • F7 - Reset their feelings about the user to 0
  • F8 - Decrease their feelings towards the user by 1 point
  • F9 - Increase their feelings towards the user by 1 point


Snake and Otacon do not come bundled with a balloon. However, they can pair with either the OtaClock balloon, or the OtaClock - Okuajub balloon. If the user has the OtaClock - Okuajub balloon installed, that one will be listed as their recommended balloon in the SSP menu.


Name Description
Snake and Otacon - Solid Shell The default shell. The characters are large and detailed, and come with a number of dressup items.
Snake and Otacon - Retro Otacon The original shell. Otacon uses small pixel art images from the OtaClock desktop application, while Snake is drawn in a smoother style with more detail.


  • When asking Snake about his love life, there is a branching dialogue that will change based on Otacon's feelings towards the user. Whichever of the two dialogues Snake says to the user, the branch will no longer be available, and the user will be unable to unlock the other dialogue even when they ask Snake to repeat his previous answers.
  • Sometimes, instead of saying dialogue, the two will simply change poses instead.
  • Some dialogues will cause Otacon to move on his own, towards Snake. This includes attempting to pet him when your relationship is very low, and some random dialogue in December, January, and February.