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The Narrator

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The Narrator
Type Ghost
Developer(s) OdieDogXP
Origin The Stanley Parable
Language(s) English
Sakura Narrator
Kero Stanley
Release date March 9, 2023

Spoiler warning: Spoilers for The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe.

The Narrator is a ghost by OdieDogXP. It features the character The Narrator from The Stanley Parable. While The Narrator doesn't have a canon appearance, in this ghost he is an old office computer.


  • Relationship system which impacts his comfort with pets, his answers to questions the user asks him, as well as the ability to play games, and certain random dialogue
  • Mood system which impacts certain random dialogue and responses
  • The user can give him items. They can only give them a limited amount of each item before he rejects it. The following items can be given:
    • Coffee (2 per boot)
    • Tea (5 per boot)
    • Book (2 per boot)
    • Snack (8 per boot)
    • Water (5 per boot)
    • Wallpaper (1 per boot)
    • Screensaver (1 per boot)
  • The user can play the following games with him when the relationship level is high enough:
    • Word Search
    • Junior Jumble
    • Hangman
    • Rock Paper Scissors
  • The user can vent at them and he will either comfort the user or insult them depending on the relationship level
  • The user can ask him to insult them (with funny Shakespearean insults)
  • The user can reset him at any time


The Narrator is grouchy at first. His mood is influenced by the relationship level, so as it gets higher his mood usually improves.

The user can get him to warm up to them by:

  • Giving him items
  • Petting him, which increases his relationship level up to a point
  • Every hour he is on the user's computer, the relationship level increases by 1.
  • Playing games with him

The user can go down the negative route by:

  • Hitting him
  • Answering his questions with the answer he doesn't like

Positive Route

This section contains spoilers for unlockable content.

Negative Route

If The Narrator considers the user his enemy, he is usually in a bad mood when booted up, and the minigame feature is locked. It is possible to switch to the positive route from here, but it takes longer.

If The Narrator's relationship level is Friend or higher, and the user hits him, it's considered a betrayal and The Narrator rants for a bit and then uninstalls himself.

This section contains spoilers for unlockable content.


The Narrator uses the Twinkling Galaxy - Hues Balloon, a galaxy-themed balloon by Zichqec.