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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Zichqec
Origin Original
Language(s) English, Deutsch
Translator(s) Koguri31081)
Sakura Ukatranslator
Release date October 4th, 2021

Ukatranslator is a ghost by Zichqec. It is a utility ghost, made to assist in machine translating the dialogue of other ghosts as they speak.

The focus of the ghost is on removing any unnecessary Sakura Script tags from the target ghost's dialogue, so that the dialogue may be more easily processed by machine translators.


  • Pick any open ghost to translate, and choose whether or not to actively translate their dialogues.
  • Choose between 3 translation modes:
    • Auto open the dialogue in an online translator (DeepL or Google)
    • Automatically copy the dialogue to the clipboard
    • Ask for input
  • Enter scripts for translation manually at any time with an input box.
  • Hidden mode, where Ukatranslator will use a dressup item to make itself invisible.
  • Profiles for each ghost that you want to translate, where you can add names or nicknames for the character labels used in the dialogue.
  • Menus are available in both English and German, and the ghost is set up to add more translations easily.


Ghosts can be set up with profiles in Ukatranslator. This is to aid in readability, since Ukatranslator divides up dialogues by which character is speaking, but cannot fetch the names on its own. By assigning names in the profiles, the user can assign any name or nickname to be used for each of the characters.

A nickname can also be assigned for the ghost, which may help if the ghost name is written in a script that the user cannot read.


Ukatranslator comes bundled with Translator, a slim, semi-transparent balloon, meant to be out of the way as much as possible. Note that Ukatranslator installs v1.0.1 of the balloon, but the latest version of the balloon is v1.0.2.