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Tama (umeici)

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Tama (umeici)
Type Tool
Developer(s) umeici
Release date Unknown

This article is about the original version of Tama. For the open source continuation, see Tama (Open Source).

Tama (umeici) is a debugging tool for AYA and YAYA, made by umeici. It can display the SHIORI log in real time, as well as errors and warnings, and output from the LOGGING function.


Tama may be used for anything that has an aya5.dll or yaya.dll. The user may drag the dll file onto Tama's window to load it, or, reload the ghost/plugin/etc. while Tama is open. If there are errors in the dic files, they will display in the window. If there are no errors, the SHIORI log will be displayed in real time, and will move very quickly.

Right clicking the window will present the user with a few options. Of particular note is the receiVe option. Turning this off will stop Tama from receiving new input, which is useful to prevent the desired information from being swept away by new events. Turning it back on will cause events to be received again.

It is important to note that ghosts may run more slowly when Tama is active. In particular, reloading or right clicking the ghost may take several seconds instead of being instantaneous. To prevent this, the user can turn off the receiVe option before reloading or right clicking, and then turn it back on again afterwards.


  • Sometimes, Tama may not display a window when opened. This is a bug, and it can be fixed by closing Tama, opening the tama.txt that is next to tama.exe, and changing “window.x” and “window.y” to positive values, for example, 100. After this, tama.txt should be saved, and then Tama can be opened again normally.
  • Tama's colors may be customized by editing the contents of tama.txt. A dark theme version by Zichqec is available here.
  • If the error messages display as all question marks, they may be displaying in Japanese. Adding msglang,english to the ghost's yaya.txt file will usually resolve this.
The text that says “文5用デバッガ「玉」v1.1” is the download link. It's the second link up from the MAKOTO heading.