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Captain DEMO

Captain DEMO
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Percival
Origin Risk of Rain 2
Sakura Captain
Language(s) English
Release date May 18th, 2023

Captain DEMO is a ghost created by Percival for Ghost Jam 2023, featuring Captain from Risk of Rain 2. The ghost is in a very rough and unfinished state, being a demo of a planned future ghost.

The ghost is primarily focused on having a large number of idle dialogues, as well as dialogues that vary each time they are seen.

Table of Contents


  • Many idle dialogues.
  • Several dialogues that are different each time they're called, including idle dialogues and responses to various functions.
  • Glowing animation on his helmet when he talks.


Captain DEMO makes use of the balloon X. Template Balloon, by Zichqec.