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Dante Hendrix

Dante Hendrix
Type Ghost
Developer(s) StrangelyKai
Origin Original Character
Sakura Dante
Language(s) English
Release date December 5th, 2021

Dante Hendrix (also known as just Dante) is a ghost made by StrangelyKai. He's a young boy attending high school with a group of 3 other friends, those being Sage, Gaven, and Rory.


  • 'Check your stats' menu, where the user can check how many times they've pet Dante.
  • 'Ask' menu, where the user can ask Dante various questions about himself and his friends.
  • 'Give menu', where the user can give Dante items.
  • The 'Say something to him' feature, where the user can vent out their feelings to Dante.

About Development

Many features that were going to originally be included were scrapped due to loss of motivation as the dev chose to work on a new project, leaving Dante unfinished.

The final update was released on the 24th of April 2022, and the dev has stated he will likely not be updated again in the future.