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This page contains sensitive content. Please check the content warning at the top of the article and proceed with caution.

Type Ghost
Developer(s) Era the Outworlder
Origin Undertale (AU)
Language(s) English
Sakura f_lowe_y
Release date July 31st, 2016

Content warning: this ghost contains body horror and generally unsettling elements.

f_lowe_y is a ghost by Era the Outworlder. Coming from the setting of HELP_tale, f_lowe_y is an IT, the amalgamation of all the Floweys caught in the collapse of the multiverse.

Among the ITs, his form is relatively stable, due to Flowey's generally consistent physical depiction across Undertale AUs.

The ghost is built on Zarla's GT Template.


  • Speech Sounds
  • Custom pronouns
  • Multiple idle animations



f_lowe_y's petals and chin may be stroked. Sometimes he enjoys this, and sometimes he does not, but it has no effect on his feelings towards the user.


f_lowe_y may be hit by double clicking on his face. Doing so 30 times will cause f_lowe_y to be “killed”, and he will disappear for a few seconds, before coming back, having “reloaded” a savestate.

Killing f_lowe_y in this way 5 times will result in a message saying “* YOU WIN!”, with a different set of sound effects. f_lowe_y will disappear for a short while, and when he comes back, the number of resets listed in the main menu will have gone up by 1.1)

Sound Effects

f_lowe_y comes with multiple expressive sounds that play when he speaks or is interacted with. These may be toggled off in the config menu.

The original 1.0 release came as two separate versions, one with sounds and one without.


The 1.0 versions do not come bundled with a balloon. Version 1.1 comes bundled with Undertext 2.0, an Undertale themed balloon.

This is bugged in the current version and will display a string of 1s instead