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Type Ghost
Developer(s) (Name Unknown)
Translator(s) Zarla
Origin (Unknown)
Language(s) English, 日本語
Release date (Unknown)

FLELE is a music player ghost made in the Japanese community at least as early as 2007, but its original release date is unknown. The ghost is set up to allow for many different shells, and many have been created for it. Shells made by members of the Ukagaka Dream Team community are listed on this page, but there are countless others that exist elsewhere on the internet.

It is one of the most widespread ghosts, and became popular with English users long before the Ukagaka Dream Team formed, even spawning its own communities for creating and sharing FLELE shells.

An English translation for the menus has been created by Zarla, and can be downloaded here.


  • Music player
  • Multiple shell support
  • 13 bundled shells
  • A special image for the main menu if the user is using either of the balloons made for FLELE

Music player

FLELE's music player uses two SAORI. The user may drag and drop music files onto the ghost to add songs to the playlist, and then use hotkeys, hotspots, or a special right click menu to control the player.

The user can also drag and drop urls of sound files on the web, and FLELE will download them and add the song to the playlist. Sound files are saved in a temporary folder, and must be moved elsewhere if the user does not want them to be deleted.

Additionally, FLELE can play songs from CDs.

Supported file types

File types supported by the MCIAudioR SAORI are supported.

  • .mp3
  • .wav
  • .wma
  • .mid
  • .au
  • .ogg


There are 5 play modes available:

  • Shuffle songs
  • Loop in order
  • Play in order
  • Play song once
  • Shuffle the playlist


Playlists can be saved as .m3u files, and reloaded at any time.

Playlists are saved in the flele_aya/m3u_file/ folder, and can be edited in a text editor if the user so chooses.


The default hotkeys are as follows:

  • R - Song Playback
  • S - Stop Playback
  • M - Menu
  • W - Song Window
  • C - Playlist Clear
  • E - Exit Program

These can be customized by the user.


FLELE supports multiple hotspots, though not all shells have all hotspots.

  • Song Playback
  • Stop Playback
  • Menu
  • Song Window
  • Playlist Clear
  • Exit Program
  • Minimize

In the default set of shells, the song playback hotspot is on the play button that appears on the character's chest. There is a stop hotspot on each hair clip, the menu hotspot is a file being held by the character, the song window hotspot the hand on the opposite side, and the shoes are the clear playlist hotspot.

Song menu

When right clicking on the Menu hotspot, the user will get a special song menu created by the SAORI. This menu has the following functions:

  • Playback
  • Song_Info1)
  • Song_Folder2)
  • Remove_Song
  • Playback Option3)


FLELE comes bundled with the “for flele” balloon, a sleek white balloon with special labels for headlines/RSS feeds. The smaller size is directional, while the larger sizes are not.

Click to reveal balloon images.

There is also an optional larger version of the balloon, called “for flele / wide”, which can be obtained as a part of the FLELE miku pack. This one does not have the special labels for headlines/RSS feeds.

Click to reveal balloon images.


Bundled Shells

Name Description
Lime The default shell. A girl with a white dress and lime green hair.
Button A simple song bar with buttons.
MA564J/A A girl with a silver dress and white hair. The hair is styled differently from the other default shells.

Click to reveal alternate color shells.

External Shells

Name Description
Dr. Carmilla Dr. Carmilla, from Dr. Carmilla and the Mechanisms. Comes with a dressup item.
Flele Template A template for making FLELE shells.
Gordon Freeman Gordon Freeman, from Half Life. Has several idle animations, and comes with a custom dialogue mod.
Gourmet Ravioli A can of ravioli in a pixel art style. Comes with dressups for different ravioli colors.
Jockey A shell of Jazaaboo's female Jockey design, based on Zarla's respectawoman Left 4 Dead AU. Comes with several dressup items, and a custom dialogue mod.
Napstablook Napstablook from Undertale. Comes with several dressup items.
Omega Flowey Omega Flowey from Undertale.
Ralsei Ralsei from Deltarune.
sans Sans from Undertale. Has multiple idle animations.
Displays information contained in ID3 tags, does not work with ID3v2
Opens the location of the song in the user's files
As listed above under Options