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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Ecclysium (GrayArea)
Origin Original Character
Sakura Gel
Language(s) English
Release date March 16th, 2022

Content warning: injury and discussion of captivity

Gel is an AI character from a distant, somewhat dystopian city run by a megacorporation. They were created by Ecclysium. Their primary mechanic is in visually reacting to the user's activity on their computer, including getting excited when the user is focused and bored when the user is absent. They were initially released March 16th, 2022. The most recent version is 1.0.2.

Gel starts off being cheery and fake, but as the user learns more about their world they will become more open and joke around more. In the negative route, Gel struggles against their own scared emotions as they try to frighten the user off.

The ghost contains warnings on both routes for discussion of trauma and death, as well as sci-fi scientific captivity. The negative route may have mild blood and injury depictions. Gel also makes noises on boot by default, though this can be disabled by silent mode.


  • Unlockable questions
  • Dressups that change each day
  • Seeding system so that there are 5000 unique Gels
  • Context system that changes the way Gel interprets certain interactions
  • Rock paper scissors
  • Nine different emotion-states
  • AFK detection
  • Silent mode
  • Will develop a sleep cycle based off of the user's habits
  • Multiple saves unlock after finishing the positive route
  • Remembers and mentions the user's friends
  • Can be high fived


Positive Route

Gel has three major positive phases of their friendship with the user, each with a midpoint that will unlock more dialogue. The first major positive phase will require certain topics to be discussed with them first. Only a small amount of trust can be gained by repetitively petting a port number of Gel that enjoys it. There are other ways to build trust, however, such as:

  • Asking them new questions
  • Thanking them with pets when they perform tasks
  • Asking them how they are doing, and greeting them in mornings, evenings, and more
  • Telling them about friends

This section contains spoilers for unlockable content.

Negative Route

Gel's negative route is much shorter than their positive route, and is more straightforward to attain. Gel won't be fazed much by blind harassment, and to effectively make Gel dislike the user, they can:

  • Punch them after they say sassy things
  • Force them to stay on the computer when they are in the uncomfortable state
  • If the user's Gel is touch adverse, petting will also decrease the relationship

Mouse Interactions


Most Gels enjoy being pet when they have a positive relationship with the user. This section only applies if Gel enjoys being pet in a default state. Otherwise, all petting will be rejected and have a chance to make Gel uncomfortable.

Gel likes pets on their head the best of all locations, though is not adverse to their face. At higher friendship tiers, Gel will allow their ears to be pet as well.

Their chest can also be pet with a good relationship with them, but they will not have much to say about it and are overall neutral towards it. Their hands can be pet to get them to raise it, and then double clicking on their robotic hand will result in a high-five.

After Gel does a task for the user, an option to thank Gel will appear in the menu. If this is present, Gel may also be pet and will consider the pet to be thanking them, with a chance for different dialogues aside from normal thanks.


Gel can be punched. The first few punches will have special dialogue depending on friendship level, but will decrease the relationship, though not in an irrevocable way. Punches can be apologized for directly after them, though Gel may not always forgive the user, and depends on trust levels. At certain numbers of punches, Gel will have visible injuries appear.

After Gel makes a comment that may be considered a dig at the user or otherwise being “mouthy,” if they are then punched, there will be a greater loss of relationship and Gel will have unique dialogues. Gel is more likely to have an emotion change from punching them after they mouth off.

Gel's ears can also be poked with no change to relationship values regardless of relationship. However, there is a very small chance that it will increase the likelihood of Gel being uncomfortable. If Gel is tired and their ears are poked, the ears will simply twitch.

Their exit button and minimize button on the character window are functional, and may be used by double clicking them.

Other Gels


Touch Adverse

Port numbers odd and under 1000, unless there is a collision with a deviant Gel. Touch adverse Gels will be more sensitive than other Gels, and frequent more somber dialogue. They will not accept pets unless it is the user's birthday. They will also more easily become uncomfortable.


Port numbers 4500 and higher. Caramelized Gels have the largest amount of variant dialogue from normal Gels. They have changes to their firstboot, as well as dialogue quirks where they use will reference different types of candy. Many of these caramelized Gels are named Candy and use she/her pronouns. Other name choices of caramelized Gels are Gelatin, Gello, and Rock Candy, amongst others.


Ports that are all the same number (111, 3333, etc.) They will have a different set of names to choose between, as well as either identify as male or female. They can simultaneously be Gemini and touch adverse. They have a few bonus lines of dialogue, but overall, have no majorly significant effect.


This section contains spoilers for unlockable content and knowledge.


The joke Gels are a series of otherwise normal Gels with minor changes aimed to be easter eggs. These may be names, changes in envelopes, or a minor preference aimed to get a snort out of the user by unexpectedness. Here is a list of all current joke Gels:

  • 8, Lucky
  • 83, 636, 737, and 939, Gewetin
  • 233, Gel~
  • 404, Error
  • 420, G3l
  • 934, Gen
  • 1395
  • 1431
  • 3023, Bones Montgomery
  • 3995, Scrambled Eggs
  • 4034, Pel



Gel will only become asleep after being in the tired state first for long enough with low enough activity. Outside of any specific emotion, when it is a time that Gel would readily fall asleep, they will have bags underneath their eyes.

Punching Gel when they are asleep will not count as a punch, but instead will be a “rude awakening” on the positive route. If Gel is asleep when the user becomes extremely active on their computer, they may wake up.


Gel will become tired if the user is at a certain threshold for low activity on their computer, or if it is the time of night where the user is usually about to log off their computer. They will stay in this state for at least 15 minutes before falling asleep.

They will appear somewhat slouched when they are tired.


The default state of Gel. This will be when no other conditions are met, and there is nothing bothering Gel so that they would be uncomfortable.


This emotion comes from when the user has moved Gel around the screen too much, or otherwise done things that would throw them off. Gel will talk as if they are physically ill, and have a green blush on their face.

This section contains spoilers for unlockable content.


Gel will be bored when the user is not very active on their computer. Their upper eyelids will be flat and they will have dialogues being critical of the user, as if this is a personal offense to them. If the user mouses over Gel when they are bored, they will look at the user immediately and return to the neutral emotion.


Most Gels will default to feeling uncomfortable early on in the month, or if they are at a certain stage of distrust with the user. It can also be occasionally triggered by petting or punching Gel, depending on that Gel's personality and trust with the user. As trust grows higher, this phase at the start of each month will grow smaller and smaller.

Gel will often talk about wanting to leave the user's computer when they are uncomfortable.


If Gel is punched on the negative route earlier on in the month, there is a chance that they will become scared of the user temporarily.


If Gel is punched on the negative route later on in the month, they may become angry at the user, and provide more eerie or straightforward commentary and insults.


When the user is highly active on their computer, Gel will become curious as to what they are working on. On the positive route, Gel will want the user to continue what they are working on and make supportive comments.

Gel can be shushed when they are curious, and will then behave somewhat awkwardly until their next emotion shift and not say much meaningful. The user is also able to apologize for this behavior.


Gel comes bundled with a custom balloon called Varia Sunset. The sakura balloons are partially transparent, and as such, the images below may not be 100% accurate to how SSP displays the balloon. The kero balloon resembles a prompt dialog, complete with fake buttons.

Click to reveal balloon images.