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I Often Dream Of Marigolds

I Often Dream Of Marigolds
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Galla
Origin Original Character
Sakura Visitor
Language(s) English
Release date May 2nd, 2023

I Often Dream Of Marigolds is a single-character ghost made by Galla for Ghost Masquerade 5. It depicts a mysterious figure that the user must learn about, through conversations with branching choices. As the user learns more about the character, their appearance will subtly change, with the character becoming more defined over time.

The experience lasts approximately 30 minutes, though this may vary depending on the talk rate and if the user prompts for dialogue or repeats previous dialogues. It is replayable via a hard reset option in the menu, allowing the user to explore all of the branching dialogues.


  • Storyline and firstboot sequence with branching choices.
  • Clickable words in idle dialogues to ask questions and learn more about the concepts.
  • A shell that subtly changes as the story progresses.
  • Resettable so that the different branches can all be explored and re-experienced.

Spoiler content

Click to reveal spoilers for the ghost's progression.


I Often Dream Of Marigolds uses the balloon Fading Like A Dream, a simple balloon with a fuzzy border and marigold accents.