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Needle true name Mink
Language(s) English
Specialties Writing, balloon creation,
conversational style ghosts

Galla is an experienced ghost developer, and has been a moderator of the Ukagaka Dream Team since 2018. They are primarily a writer, but also specialize in creating balloons, often with many alternate colors to choose from.

Their first ukagaka-related work was a fanfiction written for the ghost sans (hatterheather). It is the earliest known ukagaka fanfic to be written in English. This work was noticed by members of the Ukagaka Dream Team server, which had just recently opened, and Galla was invited to join.

Slime was their first released ghost, and was made as a collaboration with ChangeSide for Ghost Jam 2018. They worked exclusively on collaborative ghosts until Ghost Masquerade 5, when they released their first solo ghost, I Often Dream Of Marigolds.

They have participated in every Ghost Jam to date, and are the only member of the community to do so.






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