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Type Ghost
Developer(s)Changeside, Galla, Misubito
Origin Original Character
Language(s) English
Sakura Snail
Release date April 25th, 2020

Snail is a ghost by Changeside, Galla, and Misubito, for Ghost Jam 2020. She is a highly customizable character, with outfits and hairstyles that can be mixed and matched to give her different looks.

Snail will tell the user various facts about rocks, and give snail-centric self care advice.

Table of Contents


  • Many dressup options for both clothes and hairstyle
  • Self care advice for snails
  • Double clicking her shell or face will startle her, and she will hide in her shell for a short while


  • Shell - Patterns for her shell
  • Legs - Leggings or shorts, and the color of her sandals
  • Torso - Chestwrap or tanktop, in either black or white
  • Dress - Colors and styles for her dress
  • Skirt gradients - Gradients that may be applied overtop of her skirt
  • Skirt patterns - Patterns that may be applied overtop of her skirt
  • Shirt patterns - Patterns that may be applied overtop of her shirt
  • Pins - Pins that she can wear. Note that there are small pins and large pins available, and one of each will show up at once.
  • Seashell - Options for how she may wear her seashell. Note that it cannot be removed.
  • Back hair - How the back of her hair is styled
  • Front hair - How the front of her hair is styled


Snail comes bundled with a balloon called snail_balloon. It is a balloon with a flower design, and additional rocks and seashells in the background when using the large size. The kero balloon is the same as the sakura balloon, but only the small size is available.

Click to reveal balloon images.