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sans (hatterheather)

sans (hatterheather)
Type Ghost
Developer(s) hatterheather
Origin Undertale
Sakura sans
Language(s) English
Release date Early 20161)

This article is about the modified version of the sans ghost. For other ghosts of Sans, including the original version, see sans (Disambiguation).

sans is a modification of gr33nbeen's sans ghost, by hatterheather. It adds many additional features and dialogues, expanding greatly on the original ghost.

This sans ghost is considered by hatterheather to be an update of the original, and as such, retains the original ghost's dialogues and knock knock joke function alongside the new content.


  • Many menu interactions and options to explore
    • Some interactions go multiple submenus deep
    • Some dialogues will have several choices in them for the user to explore
  • SSP usage tips in random dialogue
  • Several undertale images that will appear in his balloon for certain dialogues
  • Magic 8 ball option, where the user can ask sans a question and he will give them a positive, negative, or neutral outcome
  • The user can say goodbye to sans through his main menu and close him that way, rather than having to use the right click menu
  • The user can boop his face by double clicking on it, but he does not approve of this, and there is a small chance that doing so will close the ghost abruptly

There are several interactions in the menu, including:

  • Knock knock jokes
  • Asking sans for the time
  • Asking sans what's up
  • Asking sans what he's doing, which will lead to a submenu where the user can show sans what they're up to
  • Asking sans if the user can say something to him, which will lead to a submenu with several unique interactions
  • Saying hello to sans
  • Saying goodbye to sans, which will close the ghost


Sans Button

Pressing the S key will “press the Sans button”. From here the user is presented with multiple choices:

  • *ACTIVATE EMERGENCY GASTER BLASTERS* - A short interaction where the user can see Sans's Gaster Blasters in the balloon for a brief moment
  • *ACTIVATE EMERGENCY PAPYRUS* - The user calls Papyrus on Sans's cell phone, and the two brothers have a short conversation
  • *DEPLOY DOG* - Opens a submenu where the user may choose one of the dogs (or Temmie) from the game, or all of them at once. Deploying them will simply display them in the balloon
  • Shhhhh go to sleep sweet skele - Puts sans to sleep and opens a submenu where the user can choose to…
    • Take Sans' phone
      • Opens another submenu where the user can call various characters, take a selfie, or look at Sans's photos
    • Wake him up
      • The user can choose between waking him nicely or rudely
    • Let him sleep
    • *Pet Sans*
    • *Poke Sans*

Joke Button

Pressing the P key will make S dispense a random joke.


sans makes use of the Z - Undertale balloon, and relies on it for the images in his text. Note that sans was made before SSP implemented a proper word wrap, so his dialogue will appear to wrap incorrectly on modern versions of SSP, even with the correct balloon.

Exact date unknown, the earliest surviving reblog of his release post is dated March 3rd, 2016