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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Changeside, Galla
Origin Original character
Language(s) English
Sakura Squid
Release date April 24th, 2021

Squid is a ghost by Changeside and Galla, for Ghost Jam 2021. It is a squid with constantly animated tentacles, and several color options available. When used with the bundled squidloon, the color of the balloon is also customizable.

Squid will often ask the user for their input on various matters, and will present them with either yes or no options, or open an input box for the user to type their own response. Most responses will be ignored.

Table of Contents


  • Animated tentacles and fins
  • 30 different color options for the squid and its bundled balloon
  • 4 different dressups to add additional designs to Squid
  • A timer function that can count up or down
  • Goodbye option in the main menu, to close Squid with a proper goodbye
    • Closing Squid from the right click menu or by quitting SSP altogether with multiple ghosts open will cause Squid to complain about the user not saying goodbye
  • Squid will ask the user for their species and home planet upon booting, and will reference these later when asking questions


The user can open the timer from Squid's main menu, or open its settings from the main menu.

The timer can count up or down. If counting up, it will start from 0 when the user clicks the start button, and count up until stopped or paused. Stopping the timer will reset it to 0.

If counting down, the user has the option to set a timer, which will open an input box where they can put in seconds, minutes, or hours to start the timer from. The timer will stop once it reaches 0, and if the timer menu is not visible, it will appear.

Timers can be stopped and resumed at any time. The user may also choose whether the timer menu should be visible while it is running or if it should run invisibly.

It is possible to pause a timer, change whether it is counting up or down, and then resume the same timer in the new direction.


Squid comes bundled with the balloon squidloon. It is a square balloon with half of the background being a water design, and the other half being the same colors that Squid can be customized to. There are 30 color options, and each has 2 sizes; small and large.

Click to reveal balloon images.


Name Description
master The default shell. A squid with animated tentacles and fins.
External shells
Biblically Accurate Angel A shell of a biblically accurate angel, with 3 eyes and 6 wings. The whole shell animates up and down. This shell is also usable with Hydrate.