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Literally just a mess why did you download this

Literally just a mess why did you download this
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Galla, SmokyCinnamonRoll, Softie, Teacup is Zdzisiu who is Teacup who is Zdzisiu who is Teacup, Zichqec,
Origin Original character
Language(s) English, with some dialogues appearing in German and Belarusian
Release date March 24th, 2024

Literally just a mess why did you download this is a ghost created by 6 developers as a collaborative effort. The ghost is extremely chaotic, with hundreds of nonsensical dialogues. The ghost has no menu or hotkeys, dialogues will simply be said every 3 minutes.

The initial release was made in approximately 4 hours, with the dialogue and code being written using a collaborative coding service, and each developer creating at least one shell (for a total of 10 shells upon release).

Table of Contents


  • No menu or hotkey interactions.
  • Hundreds of chaotic dialogues.
  • Several bundled shells.
  • May rarely switch to a random shell.
  • When poked with Needle, changes to a random shell.


Name Description
snair The default shell. A pink snail.
3 and a half leaf clover A traditional drawing of a clover.
best guitar worth 458934583 american dollars A black guitar with yellow spots.
Ghost A ghost which wiggles in place.
grayman A gray blob man.
Hooman A human.
its an ant A dark cyan ant.
lite bugg A glowing bug.
lizor A yellow lizard from Rain World.
wiggly blobbo A purple blob that wiggles in place.