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Softie (Dragonmoth28)

(Discord Avatar - I'm the small one! The other two are part of a different system and not our own.)
Nicknames Soft, Benjamin / Benji / Ben, The Infinity System / InfSys, Moth “Mothie” Dragonfly
Needle true name Bolger Stab
Language(s) English
Specialties Art, Writing kind of

(Everything inside of these Italic-Parenthesis is just me being how I am. -Softie)

Softie is mainly an artist and have a hard time coding at times, which means sometimes their Ghost Code might end up being a tangled mess. Their preferred method of contact is a ping to @dragonmoth28 through the Dream Team Discord Server. DMs will probably be met with defence unless they've talked to you. (It's not you! I've just had too many scam DMs and Friend Requests. Regardless, I don't bite! Except when threatened-)

They became interested in Ukagaka through Quonit's Friday Night Jammin' Ghost, and was directed to the Dream Team Wiki Discord after asking said Dev for help with a now Defunct and Unreleased Personal Ghost created with Zarla's GT Template.

After spending some time in the Discord, they proceeded to make Desktop Plushie (in which I am considering remaking entirely), stayed around for a bit, and then vanished from the Discord until the start 2024.

Since then, they have posted a Standalone Balloon (Wormloon), a Shell for Needle (Spear), and The Escort. (These can be found below)