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Juan & Sha

Juan & Sha
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Quonit
Origin Left 4 Dead (OC)
Language(s) English
Sakura Juan
Kero Sha
Release date December 14th, 2018

Juan & Sha is a two-person ghost made by Quonit. The two characters belong to Bardic Feline, and are side characters in Zarla's Respect a Woman Left 4 Dead AU, the same as Jockey and Hunter and Smoker. The ghost was officially released on December 14th, 2018, for Bardic Feline's half-birthday.

Juan is the main character for the ghost, and Sha is the side character. Juan is based off of a character from the AU, called Juan Rivera, who was based off of Juan Corrida from Ace Attorney and is Smoker's ex boyfriend. Sha is based off of an OC Bardic Feline made that was added to the Respect A Woman universe as a cured zombie. Juan is supposed to take care of him.

Their release page states that it is a beta.

Table of Contents


  • An affection stat that changes some of their dialogue when raised.


Juan & Sha use a custom balloon called J&S. The sakura balloon is blue and has a guitar design, while the kero balloon resembles a crumpled and dirty piece of paper or cloth.