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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Zdzisiu (Internet Teacup)
Origin Original Character
Language(s) English
Sakura MiniDev
Release date July 3rd, 2020

MiniDev is a ghost by Zdzisiu (Internet Teacup) that has many features to help with productivity and development. He has a highly customizable look, and options to change his personality, too.

There is a story hidden within MiniDev, which the user can unlock by solving puzzles. The first clue is hidden on MiniDev's pageon Zdzisiu's website.


  • Many options to customize the look, personality, and name of MiniDev
  • Hidden lore that the user must solve puzzles to unlock
  • Custom to-do lists
  • Reminders
  • Logs that the user can write notes in
  • Launch applications and open projects
  • Quick tools to access some features more quickly
  • Weather information and moon phase
  • Recommendations for things to read and watch
  • Inspirational quotes, downloaded from the internet
  • Search recipes online, and the ability to make and share custom recipes1)
  • Customizable color for highlighted text
  • Multiple options for date and time format

To-Do Lists

The user can create To-Do lists from the option in MiniDev's function menu. Multiple lists can be created, with tasks and subtasks.

Tasks and subtasks may be marked as complete by clicking them when neither of the Add options are highlighted.

Tasks may also be deleted by clicking the Delete option to highlight it, then clicking on the task to be deleted.

MiniDev will track the total number of tasks in the list, as well as how many are still left to do. Additionally, he may sometimes randomly comment on how many tasks the user has left to complete, or suggest a task they should work on.

Spoiler Content

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Name Description
Original Dev The default shell. A simple shell without much detail in its features.
External shells
M-z A more detailed shell with human-like proportions.


MiniDev comes with the Pixel balloon, a dark balloon with choppy edges.

Sharing recipes appears to be non-functional as of this writing.