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Multiverse Sans

Multiverse Sans
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Excel Lynt
Origin Undertale
Language(s) English
Sakura Sans
Release date 20171)

This article is about a spinoff of the original sans ghost created by gr33nbeen. For other ghosts of Sans, see sans (Disambiguation).

Multiverse Sans is a ghost made by Excel Lynt. Based on the original sans ghost by gr33nbeen, Excellynt expanded upon the ghost and made it into something more complex and developed.

Multiverse Sans - also known as “MVSans”, is based around the concept of developing a relationship with the user depending on their actions. As the name would imply, the user can choose between a variety of AU Sans to play with. The user can choose Classic Sans, Aftertale Sans, Underfell Sans, Inverted Sans, and Horrortale Sans. Classic Sans also has a shirtless version. Dialogue and speech will differ depending on which AU is being used.


  • If the user unlocks it, Sans will have phone conversations with Papyrus
  • The user can stroke his head with their mouse, and click on certain areas to get certain responses. He'll respond if the user double clicks on his face, ribs, and his “bonezone”. Doing this repeatedly will make Sans change some feelings about the user
  • Knock knock jokes
  • “Bad time” generator, which generates a long and humorous threat
  • Dressup items
  • Encouragement when the user is feeling down
  • Detailed audio controls
  • Communication with certain other ghosts
  • Parts of dialogues change based on which AU/shell the user is using

Player Traits & Relationships

MVSans will interact with the user depending on their mouse interactions, and they can check how he feels about them in User Settings. There are 4 traits the user can end up with:

  • Sweet - If the user pets him a lot and often confides in him, Sans will start to speak kindly about them and often say nice things.
  • Rude - On the other hand, if the user constantly tickles/pokes him without stopping or continuously ruins his knock-knock jokes, Sans will drop some low-key threats and dark humour.
  • Silly - If the user tickles him (double clicking his ribs) at a normal amount and asks for a lot of knock-knock jokes, he'll start to see them as a silly person and give them some of his A+ joke material.
  • Naughty - If the user is after his bonezone hitbox one too many times, or flirts with him with pick-up lines, Sans will start to notice and humour them with some dirty jokes.

Each of these will change how Sans talks to the user, and can always be changed depending on the user's actions.

Supplemental files

For information about supplement files and how to install them, see Supplement.

Phone Event Fix

In v1.4.2 Stable, there is a bug that prevents one of the phone events from progressing. A supplement file containing a patch was released by Zichqec on January 23rd, 2024. It can be downloaded here.

The patch may be applied at any time. If the intro to the bugged event has already been seen, the ghost may need to be closed and reopened to make the event appear again.


Multiverse Sans comes with the Undertale - Sans & Papyrus balloon, a modified version of Zarla's Z - Undertale balloon that has Sans's face in the corner of the sakura balloon.


Name Description
_undertale sans shirtless The default shell. Sans with no shirt under his jacket and pink slippers. Comes with some dressup items. Shell art edited by Excel Lynt.
geno Genocide!Sans from the Aftertale AU. Comes with some dressup items. Shell art edited by Huskalis.
horrortale sans Sans from Horrortale. Comes with some dressup items. Shell art edited by Ymuy.
inverted fate Sans from the Inverted Fate AU. Comes with some dressup items. Shell art edited by Excel Lynt.
underfell sans shirtless Sans from the Underfell AU. Despite the name, appears to be wearing a shirt. Comes with some dressup items. Shell art edited by Excel Lynt.
ut sans classic Regular Sans shell, the same as in the original sans ghost. Comes with some dressup items.
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