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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Dransnake, Ecclysium (GrayArea)
Origin Original Character
Language(s) English
Sakura Nox
Released April 24th, 2021

Nox is a character made by Dransnake, made into a ghost with the help of Ecclysium (GrayArea) for Ghost Jam 2021. He is an original character from Dransnake's webcomic, Arcane Gourmet, and can answer several questions about things from the comic's world if the user has a high enough relationship with him.

He also features a special system where tendrils may appear on the user's desktop, and the user will have to double click them repeatedly to defeat them.


  • Constant idle animations, with Nox's wings drifting up and down, and the pattern on Nox's surface always shifting
  • Tendrils that will appear on the user's desktop (if they have the option turned on) and must be fought by double clicking them repeatedly
  • The user may ask Nox questions and gift him items through the menu
    • Nox will only answer so many questions at once; once he's reached his limit, the user must wait a while before asking again
  • Being friendly to Nox will make him open up more when asked questions
  • Nox will appreciate being pet on his head, but does not like his wings being touched
  • The way that the user acts to Nox will affect the status and activities of his friends, which change daily


If the user has the option on, tendrils (with much the same color and pattern as Nox himself) will appear on the user's desktop, and slowly grow to full height.

At any time, the user may double click them to lower them a little. They will always try to grow larger until they are at full height again.

If lowered enough, they will disappear entirely.