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Type Ghost
Developer(s) tetchytick
Origin Original character
Sakura OurOwl
Language(s) English
Release date May 12, 2022

OurOwl is a ghost made by tetchytick, for Ghost Jam 2022. It is a creature that shifts between 3 forms; an owl, a deer, and a cat.

The ghost is constantly shifting, both between these 3 forms, and between a lined art style and a painted art style.


  • 3 forms; owl, deer, and cat
    • The user may request that OurOwl take on one of these forms, and it will oblige for a short while
    • The user may also request that OurOwl be colorful, which will cause it to alternate between bright colors for a short while
  • Constant idle animation, switching between art styles
  • The user may ask several questions, and be given cryptic answers