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Prince Erik

This page contains sensitive content. Please check the content warning at the top of the article and proceed with caution.

Prince Erik
Type Ghost
Developer(s) BittyBatty1)
Origin Original characters
Language(s) English
Sakura Erik
Kero Ava
Release date August 24th, 2018

Content warning: Ghost discusses child abuse. This option is not unlocked without prior warning.

Prince Erik is a ghost by BittyBatty, of two original characters. The ghost can be either 1 character or 2; Erik will appear alone, or the user may summon Ava by deciding it is a full moon on their desktop through the menu.

Erik and Ava are a vampire/werewolf couple from an original universe of Fursie's design. Erik being vampire royalty and Ava a vampire hunting werewolf, their love affair is quite the Romeo and Juliet story. They're deeply in love with each other and very sweet.


  • The use can have long conversations with Erik through his menu about all manner of things in his life, including Ava herself
  • Ava will track how many times she has been pet, and the user can check for the number in her menu
  • The user can summon or dismiss Ava by deciding if it's a full moon on their desktop or not
  • They have a relationship system, and Erik will become more friendly to the user if they treat him and Ava well
  • The user can double click Erik in various places to ask questions about his uniform, scar, hair, etc.
  • Ava has multiple petting hitboxes depending on her pose, including head, back, and belly

Relationship System

The user may improve their standing with Erik through actions such as giving him gifts, petting him, and petting Ava.

The user's standing will be greatly decreased should the user give Ava orders to sit or lay down through her menu. It will also be drastically decreased if the user tells Erik they think vampires are monsters2) when asking him about vampires.

If the user's relationship with Erik is high enough, he will gain new dialogue, and new options to ask about in his menu will open up.


Erik and Ava come with the E and A Balloon, which has a tidy balloon for Erik, and a more rough and wild balloon for Ava.

Craftman listed as FursietheFlixee
“That is all I need you monster”