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Skyrim Guard

Skyrim Guard
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Zichqec
Origin The Elder Scrolls (Skyrim)
Language(s) English
Sakura Guard
Release date June 13th, 2020

Skyrim Guard is a ghost by Zichqec, based on the Skyrim Guard characters in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Almost all of his dialogue is taken straight from the game, with only a few unique lines where absolutely needed.

Most of his content is idle dialogue, but he also has shells for each of Skyrim's 9 holds1), and a proof-of-concept quest system.


  • Dynamic dialogue based on time of day and which shell the user is currently using.2)
  • 9 shells, one for each hold.
  • A character creation sequence upon first booting the ghost, where the user can choose their species, star sign, name, and gender.
  • A proof-of-concept quest minigame that the user can play while in the Whiterun shell.
  • Lists the date and day of the week using the Tamrielic calendar.

Quest Minigame

The quest minigame is a proof-of-concept text adventure that takes the user through the Bleak Falls Barrow dungeon. There are 7 rooms to clear, which may contain locked chests, enemies, or just a description of the user exploring the rooms.

The user starts with 3 healing potions, 5 lockpicks, and is equipped with a basic sword and shield.

The user's stats are tracked in a second window, including what room they are on, how much HP and stamina they have, how many potions and lockpicks they have, how many enemies they have defeated, and how many chests they have looted.

Upon successful completion of the quest, the user will be shown a list of all the loot they acquired from chests along the way.


Some rooms contain nothing of interest, only a text description to add to the atmosphere. These also provide the user with a brief respite, allowing them to regenerate some health and stamina.


The user may enter a room with a locked chest in it, and have the opportunity to attempt picking the lock. Whether it succeeds is down to random chance. A failed attempt will break a lockpick, and offer to let the user try again unless they are out of lockpicks. A successful attempt will give the user some items from the chest, though these are purely for show and do not affect anything.


The user may run into one of 4 enemies.

  • Draugr
  • Restless Draugr
  • Skeleton
  • Frostbite Spider

The user will be presented with multiple options to deal with the enemy.

  • Power attack - An attack that does a lot of damage, but costs stamina to use.
  • Attack - An attack that does less damage, but costs no stamina.
  • Block - Has a high chance of blocking the enemy's next attack, while also letting you regenerate stamina.
  • Drink a health potion - If you have any health potions left, you can drink them to restore HP.
  • Run - If you have enough stamina, you can attempt to flee the battle without fighting.

If the user runs out of HP, they will fail the quest. If they manage to bring the enemy to 0 or negative HP, or flee successfully, they will win the battle and move on.


Skyrim Guard comes bundled with the Tamriel balloon, a small, semi-transparent balloon styled after Skyrim's choice menus.


Name Description
Whiterun The default shell. Features a yellow uniform, with a horse head insignia on the shield. Using this shell will make the quest minigame available in the main menu.
Dawnstar Features a pale gray uniform, with a 4 pointed star insignia on the shield.
Falkreath Features a dark blue uniform, with an elk head insignia on the shield.
Markarth Features a dark green uniform, with a ram head insignia on the shield.
Morthal Features a light green uniform, with a spiral insignia on the shield.
Riften Features a purple uniform, with a crossed-swords insignia on the shield.
Solitude Features a red uniform, with a wolf head insignia on the shield.
Windhelm Features a medium blue uniform, with a bear head insignia on the shield.
Winterhold Features a white uniform, with a crown insignia on the shield.
Different shells are treated as being in different locations