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The content on this page is no longer available to download. It is preserved here for posterity, new downloads should not be created without the permission of the original developer.

Type Ghost
Developer(s) pelontrix
Origin Rainworld
Sakura Slugcat
Language(s) English
Release date May 12th, 2023
No download available

Slugcat is a ghost created by pelontrix, for Ghost Jam 2023. It features Slugcat from Rainworld.

The ghost is extremely simple, primarily making cat noises at the user, and occasionally laying down. It speaks at random intervals.

Table of Contents


  • Talks at random intervals.
  • Occasionally lays down in a “loafing” position.
  • Sometimes refuses to open the menu.


Name Description
Default Shell The default shell. A plain gray slugcat.
External Shells
Wilture A slugcat made to look like Wilson from Don't Starve.