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Type Ghost
Developer(s) WhatAPhantasia
Origin Original character
Sakura Lumi
Language(s) English
Release date May 14th, 2023

sNO - STORMBRINGER is a 1-character ghost created by WhatAPhantasia for Ghost Jam 2023. They were made in the first 72 hours of the Jam.

Plasmaegis the Stormbringer is a supervillain demi-god who asserts themself on the balcony of the user's apartment. They act cartoonishly arrogant and they enjoy discussing real-time weather and life in their city with the user.

Table of Contents


  • A weather menu is accessible if the user has the Weather Station plugin installed
    • Comments about the next day's forecast
    • Toggleable idle dialogue about current weather
  • Genderfluid system where their gender and pronouns are randomized on boot
  • Phone random dialogue with a special balloon where they talk to other characters
  • A goodbye choice in the menu that closes the ghost with special dialogue
  • A check and question menu
  • Toggleable idle shell motion


Plasmaegis is initially very arrogant and treats the user like a fan. Petting their hair will result in a negative response, and doing so too many times will cause them to close themself and have special dialogue the next time they're booted.

After a certain event, they will allow the user to pet their hair. This also unlocks more dialogue and allows the user to change how Plasmaegis addresses them.

This section contains spoilers on how to access unlockable content.


sNO - STORMBRINGER!! uses the Cyber Light Chat balloon. If the balloon is in use, they will use an extra design for phone dialogues that emulates the look of their phone.