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The Wretched Scientist

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The Wretched Scientist
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Digi
Origin Don't Starve
Sakura Wilson
Language(s) English
Release date December 9th, 2021

This article is about the ghost of Wretched Wilson by Digi. For other ghosts of Wilson, see Wilson P. Higgsbury.

The Wretched Scientist is a ghost by Digi, of Wilson from Digi's Wretched Wilson mod for Don't Starve Together.

He has some unlockable content, as well as a number of different functions, including font selection, looking towards the user's mouse/other ghosts that are open, and a sitting down mode.


  • He will turn to face the center of the user's primary monitor, depending on where on their screen they place him
  • Font settings for different typefaces and sizes
  • If the user clicks the “Hey watch this” option in the “Do something” menu, he will turn his head to watch their mouse
    • He will repeat this for several seconds, tracking their mouse around the screen
  • Unlockable questions to ask about various characters and concepts
  • Sound effects when punching him
  • When other ghosts are open, the user can point this out to him on the main menu, and he will turn to look at them before commenting
    • His comments vary depending on what kind of ghost it is (Person, Object, Skeleton, etc.)
  • The user can ask him for statistics, and he will tell them how many times they have punched and/or pet him
    • This will also track how many times Wilson has been poked by Needle
  • He may sometimes sit down and write in his notebook
    • If he sits for long enough, he may fall asleep

Font configuration

A number of font options are available to the user under the “Talk Font” option in the configuration menu. The following fonts are provided for use by default:

  • Belisa Plumilla Manual Plus
  • Wilson's Handwriting
  • Times New Roman

Wilson's Handwriting is a custom font created by Digi, and provided with the ghost. It does not need to be installed to be used.

The user may also use any font of their choice by selecting the “Other Font” option, and typing the exact name of any installed font.

Finally, the user may change the font size to anything they want with the “Change Font Size” option. The user may type a digit in the input box for the font size, or enter “default” to return to the default size.

Shell overhaul

The Wretched Scientist's shell has been overhauled as a part of the v1.1.2 update, replacing the original one entirely. The original shell is shown below.


The Wretched Scientist comes bundled with the balloon DG Don't Starve, a Don't Starve themed balloon.