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Wilson P. Higgsbury (3.0)

Wilson P. Higgsbury (3.0)
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Azazel
Origin Don't Starve
Sakura Wilson
Language(s) English
Release date November 14th, 2021

This article is about the third Wilson P. Higgsbury ghost by azazel/percival. For other ghosts of Wilson, see Wilson P. Higgsbury.

Wilson P. Higgsbury is a ghost by azazel/percival, of Wilson from Don't Starve.

He has an annoyance system and a hunger system, and some of his comments will change depending on the levels of these stats.


  • Menu interactions, including the ability to compliment him, and rambling
  • A stats menu to check his current status and your stats
  • Many branching idle dialogues that may differ each time they're seen
  • Hunger system, where Wilson will become more hungry over time, and may search in the user's files for food
  • Annoyance system, where Wilson will become more or less annoyed based on certain actions


Wilson makes use of the X. Template Balloon if it is installed, a simple sketchy balloon made by Zichqec.