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Zacharie and the Judge

Zacharie and the Judge
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Erin
Origin OFF
Language(s) English
Sakura Zacharie
Kero Pablo
Release date July 26th, 2018

Zacharie and the Judge are a ghost by Erin, of two characters from the game OFF. The two feature a shopping system, with items that may be purchased to unlock additional dialogues.

In addition, the two have a number of questions that may be asked about the game, and will play sound effects every time they talk.1)


  • Shop system where the user can earn credits and spend them at the shop
    • Purchasing items will unlock several new dialogues
  • Each character has multiple hotspots that may be inspected by double clicking
  • If the user has pet Zacharie enough times, has bought the Emmanuel Bat, and has had the ghost running for at least 10 hours, Zacharie may ask them if they're looking for something else
    • If the user responds in the affirmative, Zacharie will begin calling them by pet names
    • The user may alternatively ask for a discount, to get a discount on the Ashley Bat
  • Two bundled shells


A number of items may be purchased from Zacharie's shop, or sold back to him if the user wishes to have their credits back.

The items available for purchase will change depending on other factors, namely which other items the user has bought and how many credits they have. The full list of items is as follows:

  • Luck Ticket
  • Fortune Ticket
  • Silver Flesh
  • Golden Flesh
  • Joker
  • Moloch's Meat
  • Belial's Meat
  • Abaddon's Meat
  • Inspiration
  • Expiration
  • Eye
  • Harold Bat
  • MasahiBat
  • Yoshihiro Bat
  • Emmanuel Bat
  • Michael Bat
  • Lewis Bat
  • Katsuhiro Bat
  • Ashley Bat

Zacharie will have special comments the first time the user purchases most items, and again at certain milestones after that. For the bats specifically, he will give the user some trivia when they purchase the bat. These trivia bits can be seen again from the inventory menu at any time, as long as the user still owns the bat.

The user must buy each of the bats in the order they are listed, he will not allow them to purchase bats out of order.

Earning credits

The user can earn credits simply by leaving the ghost open. They will earn 100 credits for each hour that the ghost as open, with a chance to gain 25 credits randomly whenever the ghost says an idle dialogue.2)

The user may also find 25 credits when petting either Zacharie or the Judge.3). There is also a small chance that Zacharie will drop 50 credits when they are closed.

Items may also be sold back to Zacharie at half the price they were purchased for.

Mouse interactions

Zacharie and the Judge may both be pet by moving the mouse over the tops of their heads.

They cannot be punched. Instead, the user may double click various areas in order to ask about them.

Zacharie's hotspots are the tattoos on his right arm4), and the heart on his shirt.

The Judge's hotspots are his teeth and his tail.


Zacharie and the Judge come with the OFF Text (Zacharie and the Judge) balloon, a balloon styled to look like the text boxes in OFF, with portraits of the Judge and Zacharie.


Name Description
Default Mask The default shell. Zacharie with his default mask.
Guide Mask Zacharie with his default mask, which resembles a cat. This shell also causes Zacharie to use a different speaking sound effect.
These sounds can be turned off by right clicking the ghost, going to “Ghost Preferences”, and ticking the “Don't Play Sound” option. This will toggle sounds off for just this ghost. If done through the normal preferences menu, it will disable sounds for all ghosts.
2) , 3)
This is capped at once a minute
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