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This page contains sensitive content. Please check the content warning at the top of the article and proceed with caution.

Type Ghost
Developer(s) WhatAPhantasia
Origin Original Character
Sakura Phanta
Language(s) English
Release date June 13th, 2023

Content warning: Guilt-tripping, unsettling dialogue, crude humor.

zzzzzzzzz is a 1 character ghost created by WhatAPhantasia, depicting one of their mascot characters. The ghost refers to the user as her best friend and acts friendly, but easily gets mad and vengeful when doing something she dislikes (Closing her, clicking on her).

The ghost has a simple shell, with a focus on experimental functions and dialogue. She often talks about being sleepy, and dialogue is generally erratic or out of context. The ghost also has sparse dialogue in Arabic and Bahasa Melayu.


  • Talks at random intervals, uncontrollable by the user.
  • No menus, and refuses to do anything when clicked by the user.
    • There is a small chance the user can make her talk by clicking on her.
  • If overlapping another ghost, she sends an event to it and “sleeps” on the ghost.
    • Has special dialogue for certain ghosts.
  • Shell appearance can be changed by entering a specific string of keys while she is in focus.
  • Tuggable hairbow to which she responds negatively, as well as positive petting and hair brushing.
  • Special event when balloon is interrupted, with a chance that she continues with the last dialogue she said.

Communication features

zzzzzzzzz uses OnOtherOverlap to detect other ghosts and send event info to them, modeled after Needle's preexisting poke system. She sends the event OnPhantaEepy to any overlapping ghosts, then says a short dialogue. Other ghosts may implement this event and respond to her sleeping.

Which character zzzzzzzzz is overlapping is sent via reference0. It will be 0 for the sakura, 1 for the kero, 2 for the first extra character, etc. If she is overlapping more than one character in the same ghost, the events will be sent one after another.

A simple implementation of the OnPhantaEepy event is as follows:

	if reference0 == 0 //Sakura
		"\0I'm not a bed!!"
	elseif reference0 == 1 //Kero
		"\1What are you doing?"
	elseif reference0 == 2 //Third char