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8/20 Hydrate Shell Jam 2022

8/20 Hydrate Shell Jam 2022
Type Event
Event host Zichqec
Submissions 15
Event duration 24 hours
Event start August 20th, 12:00AM1)
Event end August 20th, 11:59PM2)
Announcement PostResults Post

8/20 Hydrate Shell Jam 2022 was an event run by Zichqec, to create new shells for the ghost Hydrate on 8/20 (August 20th), referred to by Zichqec as “hydrate day”3). It was a very short event, lasting only for the duration of the day.

The event was run entirely within the Ukagaka Dream Team Discord Server, and as such, the announcement and results posts are only available to view from inside that server. Additionally, some shells were only posted to the server, and never publicly shared outside it. They are listed here with permission, but the server must be joined in order to find the downloads.


The following is an exact transcription of the original rules, as posted in the Ukagaka Dream Team Discord Server. Click here for a screenshot of the rules as seen in their original context.

——— Rules ———

1. Create a brand new shell for Hydrate. You can do it from scratch or use this simple template I made as a base:
• Shells can be as simple or complex as you want, a shell with a single image is a perfectly fine submission!
2. To be a “”“valid”“” Hydrate shell, it must be something that can hold liquid. You can get creative with this! Cups, bottles, bowls, pots, seashells, boats, snowglobes??? Have fun with it!
3. Completed submissions should be posted in #ghost_download_links before the end of the event, and must mention that they are for the 8/20 Hydrate Shell Jam.
4. Multiple submissions and teaming up are welcome!

This event is not a competition. It's just something silly and fun!


Thumbnail Shell Team Members Notes
A bottle of souls Zdzisiu
Ballpoint Pen Zichqec
Bishoujo Hydrate Vita
Coffee Cup kaikai Server exclusive.
Geoffrey Bitzen
Hydrate Shell Nim Nimanao Server exclusive.
Kid's birthday cup Aegisghosts
Mate Cup Ninoran Server exclusive.
Molotov Cocktail Wormspawn
Not Haunted Water-Based Vegetarian Shoe Bitzen
Slimedration Galla
Syringe Zichqec
Test Tubes WhatAPhantasia
TV Aquarium StrangelyKai Server exclusive.
Water Dishes Smoky Server exclusive.
1) , 2)
It is a joke based on this section of this YouTube video: