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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Levidre
Origin Undertale (OC)
Language(s) English
Sakura Azura
Release date June 4th, 2019

Azura is a ghost by Levidre. She was released in beta on June 4th, 2019 for her first birthday after being developed for one year. She has not left beta since her main feature is in constant development.


  • Music Player
  • AI Response System
  • Todo Lists
    • One for monthly tasks, one for weekly tasks, and one for tasks to complete any time
  • Backup System
  • Relationship System
  • Battle Minigame
    • Includes 2 difficulty modes
  • Simplified menu if the user is using voice recognition

Music Player

Azura's music player is inspired by FLELE's, and uses the same two SAORI. The user may drag and drop music files onto the ghost to add songs to the playlist.

Azura also has a separate dashboard that can be used to control the music player.

Supported file types

File types supported by the MCIAudioR SAORI are supported.

  • .mp3
  • .wav
  • .wma
  • .mid
  • .au
  • .ogg


There are 5 play modes available:

  • Play one song
  • Loop one song
  • Play the whole playlist
  • Loop the playlist
  • Play songs randomly


Playlists can be saved as .m3u files, and reloaded at any time. This is the same filetype that FLELE uses, so Azura's playlists are compatible with FLELE, and vice versa.

Playlists are saved in the azura/m3u_file/ folder, and can be edited in a text editor if the user so chooses.


The default hotkeys are as follows:

  • D - Open the music player's Dashboard
  • P - Play or Pause the song
  • N - Next song
  • V - Previous song
  • S - Stop song
  • C - Clear playlist

These can be customized by the user.

AI Response System

Clicking on the “You want to say her something” option in Azura's menu will present the user with an input box. The user may type a question, and Azura will attempt to respond to the contents of the question.

This feature is not yet complete, and some questions may not have responses.

Shell System

Azura's shells have 3 parts; her default outfit, her pajamas, and a Halloween costume. Switching between these outfits is handled internally, and as such, the user is not able to change the shell through the right click menu. Instead, there is an option in the config menu for which shell to use.

Her original shell handles all 3 outfits as a part of the same shell, while her new shell is actually Azura switching between 3 shells based on what outfit she is wearing.

Because of this feature, creating a new shell for Azura would require some additional code. An entirely new shell would need to recreate all 3 outfits as separate shells, but a single outfit could also simply replace one of the 3 existing ones.

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Name Description
Normal shell The default shell. A revamp of the original shell, with improvements and new additions, such as a pumpkin for the Halloween costume. Three different shells are used to control what outfit Azura is wearing, though this is presented as a single shell to the user.
Old shell The original shell. All 3 outfits are contained in a single shell. It isn't maintained anymore, but is kept for legacy reasons.


Azura uses the Z - Undertale balloon, by Zarla.