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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Odie
Origin Original Character
Sakura ButtonToy
Language(s) English
Release date May 17, 2023

ButtonToy is a ghost created by Odie for Ghost Jam 2023. It features a cheerful toy made by “JoyLeaf Corp”, with 6 buttons to push that “make fun surprises happen”, as well as a small off button.

Each of the buttons have different functions to entertain the user, including stories, minigames, and more.


  • 7 clickable buttons, each of which causes something different to happen.
    • This includes an “Off” button, which closes the ghost.
  • Several minigames.
  • Additional button-related websites at the top of the right click menu.


Each of the buttons on the toy can be double clicked for different functions.

  • Orange - This button does nothing, and when pressed the user will be told various reasons why they should not press it.
  • Purple - This button opens up a menu with several minigames to play.
  • Yellow - This button tells the user a story.
  • Teal - This button says a fake advertisement for “JoyLeaf Corp”.
  • Pink - This button gives the user a self care tip.
  • Green - This button tells the user a story with randomized details. Occasionally, it will also generate a randomized advertisement or random username.

In addition to these, there is a small blue button in the bottom left corner. When double clicked, the user will be asked if they want to turn the toy off. Saying yes will close the ghost.

Double clicking anywhere other than the buttons will open the ghost's main menu, which has typical options such as the talk rate.


When the purple button is double clicked, the user will be presented with some minigames they can play.

  • Search the Words
    • The user must find a selection of themed words mixed into a grid of random letters.
  • Hanging Man
    • A word is drawn from the word categories, and the user must guess the word letter by letter. The user can guess the full word all at once, at the risk of losing instantly should they guess incorrectly.
  • Scissors-Paper-Rock
    • The user and the toy both pick an option, then their results are compared. The number of wins, losses, and ties is tracked across rounds until the user quits the game.
  • Jumbled Up
    • The user is presented with a set of scrambled letters, and must try to correctly guess the word they spell.


ButtonToy comes bundled with a balloon called Buttons Balloon, which is a modified version of Balloons Balloon. It features a playful balloon design, with the background edited to match the coloration of ButtonToy's shell.

Click to reveal balloon images.