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This page contains content considered to be spoilers. Please check the spoiler warnings at the top of the article and proceed with caution.

Type Ghost
Developer(s) Venelona
Origin Lego Monkie Kid
Sakura Macaque
Language(s) English
Release date May 18th, 2023

Spoiler warnings: ghost contains spoilers for Lego Monkie Kid.

Macaque (short for Six-Eared Macaque) is a villain from the TV series Lego Monkie Kid, created for Ghost Jam 2023. He's a demon with shadow powers and trust issues. Determined to only look out for himself, it might take a while to earn his trust.

This version of Macaque is taken from season 4 of the Lego Monkie Kid, such as that, his dialogue includes spoilers for the events of the show.

The ghost will chill on your desktop, being sassy and annoying. The user can talk to him, watch stuff with him, as well as pet him on the head to improve his mood and your relationship.


  • Every time he is booted, the user can ask him how his day was with plenty of possible answers.
  • A relationship system with unlockable dialogue as it progresses.
  • Interact mode, where the user can make him sit down and choose from 8 different categories, all of which include different dialogue and occasional swoosh of his animated tail.
  • A different shell! Lift his glamour magic and look at his six ears. Contains more idle and talk lines!


Macaque has his own MacBalloon balloon, to match his theme.


Name Description
Macaque The default shell. Macaque in his usual outfit.
Six-Eared Macaque Macaque with different ears.