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Radic and Farnsworth

Radic and Farnsworth
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Zarla
Origin Pokemon
Language(s) English
Sakura Radic
Kero Farnsworth
Release date April 19th, 2018

Radic and Farnsworth are original Pokemon characters made by Zarla, and were released as a ghost on April 19th, 2018. Radic is a shy, blind trainer from Kanto while Farnsworth is his eager-to-please helper Pokemon.

The two have many dialogue options in their menus, for the user to ask all sorts of things about the characters and their adventures.


  • Radic and Farnsworth's idle dialogue about Pokemon and the events they reference will change depending on the region the user said they preferred
  • They will sometimes talk about type match-ups as a reminder of what's effective against what
    • Sometimes the Pokemon match-ups they talk about might get a little strange
  • They cannot be hit, and instead, the user can double-click their hotspots for explanations of that specific spot
  • The user can ask them questions about themselves and their past in their menus
  • They will sometimes turn into sprites
  • When being moved around by the user they will have special surfaces to show them hovering in the air


The user can ask many questions through each character's menu, to do with the characters themselves, people they know, things they have done, and places they have been.


  • Himself
    • His eyes
    • His battle record
    • His training philosophy
    • His friends
    • Farnsworth
    • His perspective on each region, from Kanto to Alola
  • His pokemon, from Kanto to Alola


  • His arm
  • His eye
  • His ear
  • His family
  • Radic
  • Battling
  • Contests


Radic and Farnsworth come bundled with the Pokemon Blue-Pearl balloon. The sakura balloon is styled after Pokemon Blue text boxes to match Radic, while the kero balloon is styled after Pokemon Pearl text boxes to match Farnsworth. Note that there is also a second version of the balloon called Pokemon Blue-Pearl NoFont, which is the same balloon but without the special fonts.