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Rocky and Noteworthy

Rocky and Noteworthy
Type Ghost
Developer(s) DragonPanther888, Smokycinnamonroll
Origin Undertale (OC), Lackadaisy
Language(s) English
Sakura Noteworthy
Kero Rocky
Release date April 25th, 2020

Rocky and Noteworthy are a ghost made by DragonPanther888 and Smokycinnamonroll, for Ghost Jam 2020. The ghost is a mash-up, with Rocky being a character from Lackadaisy, while Noteworthy is an Undertale OC. The two do not know each other before meeting on the user's computer, and are very confused by the whole situation.

The user may befriend the two over time, or can be unkind to them. Either route will have unique dialogues.


  • The characters may each be given items
  • Noteworthy may be asked questions about themself and their home


Rocky will never react positively to being pet. While his friendship is low, petting him will lower it further. If his friendship is high, petting will be neutral.

Noteworthy will only appreciate being pet when their friendship is high enough. If it is low, it will be decreased further. They will never appreciate being touched on their face.

The user may ask Noteworthy how she feels about being pet with the “Touching” option in her “Ask about…” menu, and she will indicate her current feelings towards it.